Literacy Narrative 3: Reflection

The two Learning Outcomes that this project helped me meet for this class were writing as a process and visual thinking. For writing as a process, this project had three drafts, each with their own twists. As opposed to a normal essay, where I would go through edits, making the alphabetic text feel more like my writing, this assignment’s edits helped me change direction entirely. During my first draft, I wrote a pretty straight forward story, that just gave the plot and the lesson I learned. During the second draft (the comic itself), I knew that this strategy wouldn’t suffice. I made the story unique by adding comedy through the pictures. This made the story easier to read, not to mention more interesting. For my final draft, I knew it would be hard to transfer the comedy added through the pictures back to alphabetic text, but I tried my best. This connects to the learning outcome of visual thinking. Being able to transfer my alphabetic text to a visual comic helped me turn the original text into something more unique and interesting.

Returning to the alphabetic text after writing a visual comic was difficult. The process of turning the comedy shown solely in my pictures into text was a challenge, but I think I dealt with it properly. I ended up adding similes and analogies in my text to describe the pictures in my visual text. This hopefully lightened the mood of my text.

Honestly, I do not really see the story that I was trying to tell in different terms. I knew my story from start to finish, I just had a harder time putting that story on paper. Turning the alphabetic text into visual definitely helped me make that vision into a reality.

Here is a link to the rubric for the reflection!

Here is a link to the Literacy Narrative Itself!

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